Our Services

Sheet Metal Products

We manufacture both standard and custom sheet metal products. Our main customers are in the HVAC industry, and we also support plumbers, roofers, property managers, electricians, and individuals. Our accounts include everyone from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. We also welcome small custom jobs.

Our standard line includes auxiliary drain pans, ductwork, and roofing fixtures for both contractors and distributors. Many sheet metal items are in stock for immediate pickup.

Check out our Ladder Racks for work trucks.

We have a full-time welder on staff, experienced with MIG (GMAW) welding. Spot welding, “Hot Iron,” and torch soldering are also available.

A Vulcan Plasma cutting system, with its software, is used for our duct fittings, and our staff is experienced with manual layout, as well.

Design assistance, when required, is available from a network of experienced professionals including Professional Mechanical and Structural Engineers. We offer several typical drawings that can be customized for your applications.

Trade Consultants does sheet metal and metal fabrication jobs ranging from $45 to over $10,000. Our 36-year experience allows us to make virtually anything. And if we can’t fabricate it, we’ll be honest and tell you.